we kill our turkey and eat it too.

Yesterday we celebrated thanksgiving at our house in Kigali, Rwanda. It was a day to be thankful for so many reasons.

The kitchen was crazy busy and chaotic, of course. But it was also filled with fellowship, laughter and lovely people. I could have spent all day in that kitchen, covered in flour and laughing at Aidah as she yells at Sarah Mast about using the wrong pot, watching Sarah Colligan dance and make weird faces as she washes dishes for hours, smiling at the silly faces that Leah and Jordon make in order to get Zeke to laugh…

it wouldn't be thanksgiving without a crowded kitchen

We also went up to the national stadium and managed to get on the field. We played a game of American football, tackle and all. It was a blast and one of our semester goals. I’ve actually never played american football on thanksgiving. I was experiencing and American tradition for the first time in Rwanda. We also played a short game of football before we had to head back to the house to finish cooking. We ended up with so much food. More food than I have ever had at Thanksgiving. We had turkey that some of the girls killed with their own hands last week! (I was too much of a baby to kill one. I couldn’t even watch them be killed. It made me nauseous). We even had sushi, thanks to our Korean friends!

yeah, I'm doing the heisman back there.

I got to share a delicious meal with people that I love. I got to sit across the table from our house staff and laugh as Alphonse tried sushi for the first time and Aidah complimented everyone’s dish (as if her food wasn’t twice as good). It felt like a true thanksgiving, even though it was in Rwanda. I was overwhelmed with how much God has blessed me.

some of my favorite people in the whole world.

These are only a few things I am thankful for (I could never count them all):

1. Africa and all the people I have met here. Coming here was not the easiest decision, but it had definitely been a life-changing experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. God has taught me so much since I have been here.

2. My family. They’re always there for me and supporting me.

3. My friends at home and all around the world. I have the best friends and roommates that a girl could ask for.

4. My health. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I can play football and jump on a trampoline. i couldn’t ask for much more.

5. The fact that God has provided for me always. There is always food on the table and a roof over my head.

6. God. Everything that I have and everything that I am is because of Him.


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