the black hole…

Although we are back in the swing of things with class and homework our lives are far from boring. There is rarely a dull moment in the GoED house.

It's a Thanksgiving miracle!

First of all, we found oreos this week. Yes, you heard me correctly, oreos. Real oreos. The actual brand oreos. They were right up the street at the supermarket! We were all feeling a little extra bounce in our step on that day. It was the same day as little Zekey’s 6 month birthday so we made a cake topped with crushed oreos and celebrated that handsome little man’s life. He is such a joy to all of us and we have been so blessed to be able to share the so much of his first year with him and his amazing parents.

We love this little guy!

We found a trampoline in our garage. Don’t ask how or why or what. These things just happen at the GoED house. There is a black hole in which many things disappear, but occasionally we experience a little miracle and something great will reappear…like this trampoline. Needless to say, we set it up instantly. I thought it was difficult to focus on homework before, now it’s just impossible. We have already spent hours jumping around and laughing until we peed ourselves. I actually just went and jumped on it for 20 minutes. We got Aidah and Kotchi to jump with us, but Alphonse and Celestine refused. Then we come walking out tonight to find them both jumping away on it!  It is hilarious to jump with them. It is a very foreign activity, that’s for sure. The motion just looks unnatural to them and I imagine it feels unnatural also, but they survived. Although, Celestine did jump a little too far off and one of his legs went straight through the springs. Luckily he is like the strongest man in all of Rwanda so he was fine.

photo credit to the one and only Leah Bright

Last, but definitely not least, we spent the past weekend in Gisenyi. It is a town near Lake Kivu and it is absolutely beautiful. It didn’t even look like a lakeshore, it looked like a beach in Hawaii. This was our first trip without our leaders, so we were on our own. We took the bus (3 hours) and arrived in Gisenyi town after dark. We had booked a hotel, but we wanted to find a cheaper place to stay. So we asked the only other white person at the bus stop (a cute little old nun from Italy) and she directed us to a church guest house. Turns out they had a dormitory (a room with about 6 bunkbeds) and it only cost like $3. And they had a restaurant which only cost like $3 per meal. We roamed the town for a little before calling it a night. The next day we met up with one of our friends from the center, played football on the beach (I was on skins…don’t worry, I kept my clothes on) and swam in the lake. It started raining, but we kept swimming. We made some Congolese friends to entertain us. They would copy all the tricks we would do. We were flipping each other and then discovered that we could go a lot higher if they flipped us. The rain got heavy so we went up to a little tiki style bar and watched all the local boys have a dance party on the beach. Did I mention that they swim in their underwear….just a little awkward.

I wish I could live here

football. anytime, anywhere.


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