the vuvuzelas are calling.

Another week full of homework and fun times.
Unfortunately, our classes are  a little more tough now and we actually have to do some work. However, we have still made time for adventure and excitement.
This past weekend we visited a student from the center. What we thought was “in Kigali” was actually a 20 minute bus ride, a 30 minute bicycle ride and then another 45 minute walk. Oh, fun times. Side note: the bicycle taxi’s are probably one of the best things on earth. You pay like 40 cents to ride on this lovely little seat on the back of a bicycle and just enjoy the ride. It’s peaceful as long as you’re not speeding down treacherous dirt roads towards an approaching moto (not like that has ever happened or anything). Sometimes they are even equipped with a bell or a tricked out horn. Anyways, we finally made it to his village and enjoyed a wonderful day with his family. They were so kind and hospitable to us. They welcomed us into their home, cooked us great food, made tea (tasted exactly like fruit loops. so strange, but good) and just graced us with their smiles and loving hearts. They really enjoy taking pictures so we probably did that for a couple hours. I spent most of the time laughing at their silly poses and funny faces. They gave us gifts of bananas and sugar cane as we left (we may have had a few casualties on the ride home). Such a generous culture. I left with a full stomach and a blessed heart.


Monday night, we had a cookie bake-off. It was quite the event. There were 8 or 9 cookie entries, and I may or may not  have eaten one of each. Personally, I think mine were the best, but that’s just me. I made “Monster cookies” with a little bit of my own twist. They were peanut butter-oatmeal-chocolate chip-white chocolate chip-peanut m&m cookies. In the end, my cookies didn’t even place. It’s alright though, I’ve already cried my tears of heartbreak. I got to eat cookies until I couldn’t walk anymore, so I can’t complain. Our house staff got in on this competition, which made it that much more fun. Celestine and Julius both had plates with one of each cookie on them. This actually worried us a little because they are not used to eating that much sugar. We were a little concerned that our American sweet tooth was going to make them sick. I think they ended up alright though…I never heard them causing a ruckus in the middle of the night due to a sugar high, so that’s a good sign.

Yesterday, we went to a football match up at the stadium. We try to figure out when games are, but we can never seem to find the answers. So we just wait until we hear the vuvuzelas going crazy up at the stadium and then we know that a game is going to be that afternoon. We went and watched the game with some of our friends from the center. It was a way better game than last time. If you guys remember, Rwanda lost 5 to 0 last time. This time they were playing Eritrea and it was a qualifier for the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil. They won 3 to 2. It was much more exciting and enjoyable when we actually go to see them score a goal. After the game our friends came over for dinner and we got to spend some time with them. It was nice to get to hang out with them again.

just a little post goal celebration

our brothers from another mother

Another activity-filled week ahead of us. Trying to make the most of what little time we have left in this great country.


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