Hey fiddy cent, check yourself.

I wish that American music artists understood how much of an influence they have worldwide.
I mean, they know they’re famous and all, but do they really know how much of an impact they have?
When we were at the Center for Champions I mentioned how many times I heard Chris Brown “Yeah 3x.” What I didn’t mention is that he was one of the many American artists that they constantly listen to. I’m talking Justin Bieber all day, erryday. Lil’ Wayne, Akon, Kanye, Tupac, 50 cent, Usher, Sean Kingston (at least he’s still popular somewhere), Diddy, Beyonce, you name it. They don’t just listen to the music, they idolize the singers. I know this happens in the U.S. also, but it is different here. For some of these boys, the only English they know comes from these songs. Many of these boys don’t have a father figure, or any positive male role models for that matter. Therefore, Lil’ Wayne becomes the person they strive to be like. I think most people in their right mind will agree with me when I say that is a terrible thing. For all you Weezy fans out there, you’ve got to admit that he’s not the ideal role model.

It’s not just listening to the music either. It’s wearing a t-shirt with T.I.’s face on it. It’s painting an entire taxi bus devoted to Chris Brown. It’s a little out of control.
It’s just something to think about. These artists are in a position with a lot of power. Along with that power comes a lot of responsibility, but are these artists really taking that responsibility into consideration? They have the opportunity to impact millions of lives. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if they used that for good instead of talking about getting drunk, having sex, cheating, stealing and smoking weed? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my fair share of hip hop, rap and all that other popular stuff the kids are listening to these days. I know that not all of it is bad, but there is definitely room for change.

Don’t worry, I plan on bringing the boys some quality American music that they have been deprived of…….. Taylor Swift :)


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