“I have a girlfriend, it is you.”

Quotes from my week at Rwamagana:

“I’ve taken craps more painful than that birth!” (Sarah)

“I know that they hate us, but I don’t think that they know that we know.” (student about people who hate black people)

“I have a girlfriend, it is you.” (student)

“You have two parents? You are lucky.” (student)

“You are my Selena Gomez.” (student)

This is my life.

It’s a constant roller coaster of incredible joy and deep sadness. Although I missed Hoima and all the people there, God is good and He brought good out of the situation. We spent the week at the Center for Champions in Rwamagana, Rwanda. It is a center for street children. Most of these children are orphans or they lived in the streets because their families could not afford to take care of them. The center provides a place for them to live and a family for them to be a part of. They have formed an amazing community there. They truly are a family. It also is a school that allows students who dropped out of school to catch up. God is doing such big things at this place. I was blessed to be able to be a part of it for just one short week.

We spent most of our days working on small projects or just hanging out with the students. We organized their library, which will hopefully open at the start of the new school year in January. We worked on the facebook page (Center for Champions, check it out). We helped out in the art room and made crafts with the students. We held a Bible study. We danced fer dayyyzzz. We listened to Justin Bieber nonstop. I think I heard Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3x” about 300 times. We played football and basketball for hours upon hours everyday. Most of all, we spent time connecting and forming relationships with the students. This was not a difficult thing to do. These students are so lovable and so eager to be loved. It was impossible not to fall in love with these students. The girls are sweet as can be and to be honest, a little crazy once you get to know them. The boys are wonderful, though some may be convinced that they are in love with you. They are such hard workers and so hungry for knowledge. Their desire to learn is inspiring and encouraging to me, as a future teacher. Some of these students could talk to me for hours about politics and government in the United States, stuff I don’t even know about!

These students will say something that will fill your heart with joy one minute and then break it the next. They have endured so much in their short lives. They were some of the strongest and most inspiring people I have ever met. I wish I could take them all back to America with me so everyone could experience their joy and be humbled by them as I have.

We are back in Kigali now, but hopefully we will be able to still see some of the students. They are on holiday so they stay in different places around Rwanda with extended family members. Some students, who have not remaining family, stay at the center so we may be visiting them there as well.

Sadly, practicum is over and now it’s back to the grind.

after a long game of mud football. so much fun.

dance party

Samwelly (Samuel)




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