Laughter: The Universal Language

This is going to be short and sweet. This afternoon after class we went down the road and played soccer with some kids. Some kids turned into quite a few kids which then turned into a lot of kids and an entire roadside of family members watching. There is something truly beautiful about sharing laughter with someone you can’t speak to. It’s like a mutual agreement that even though we can’t communicate with words, we are the same. Someone would fall down, we would all laugh. Someone would completely miss the ball, we would all laugh. Someone would accidentally knock down a smaller kid, we would all laugh (after he got up smiling of course). There in that moment we knew exactly what the other person was thinking and feeling. We weren’t trying to stumble over words that seem unnatural to say. I’ve had this same experience in a couple different countries now and everytime it surprises me once again. I’m pretty sure we all plan on making this a part of our everyday routine. It’s impossible to pass up a chance to hang out with those smiling kids, and hopefully brush up on some long lost soccer skills.

Our little soccer team.


3 responses to “Laughter: The Universal Language

  1. That was the sweetest thing I heard all year. I’m loving reading your blogs, cant wait to go myself. Love you Aunt Mira

  2. I love reading your blogs! You are having and make memories most people only dream of. I am so proud of you!!! I wish I was there with you, going to school and having the adventure of a lifetime. You are making a difference and that is so wonderful. God choose you to do wonderful things on his behalf and he couldn’t of chosen a better person!! I can’t wait for the next blog!!!
    I love you,

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