Fist Bumpin the Prez.

The last few days I was roaming around Washington D.C. with a random group of people I just met for the first time. Sounds fun, right? It was actually awesome. A couple things about the East Coast. First, humidity. Not used to that. Only one other girl is from the West coast, so we are the oddballs of the bunch. I feel like a socal surfer compared to these PA, MA and NY kids. Second thing, diversity. This is awesome. Compared to Grants Pass I thought Portland was like going to an ethnicity potluck. D.C. is like the mother of all ethnicity potlucks compared to that. I love it. Anyways, we went to the Holocaust Museum, the Jefferson Memorial, the Smithsonian African Art Museum and the Lincoln Memorial/Reflecting pool that was not so reflecting (I’ll explain later). While going to all these interesting historic sites we were also getting to know each other along the way. The sites were cool, but the people I was seeing them with were even better. There are 6 girls and 1 guy (poor guy…or lucky guy). The relationships that I am building I can already tell are going to be Christ-centered and joy-filled. Much laughter has already been shared, I see a pretty darn good semester ahead of us, one that will definitely not be short on humor.

We flew out of D.C. at 12:00 pm on Friday. I’m not really sure what day it is right now. It says 3:11 pm (Friday) on my computer right now. My body says it is 6:11 pm. But it is actually 12:11 am on Saturday. If you have never flown on an international flight, do it at some point in your life. We are rollin’ with a high class airline right now. Great food, comfortable seats, and all the movies you could want. Definitely makes this 13 hour flight more enjoyable. Another really cool thing was that we flew into the night. Like, we left during the day, but were going the opposite way of the sun. So it set incredibly fast and at one point we could actually see the sun setting behind us and the darkness of night in front of us. Trippy.

Tip for airplanes: Don’t try and figure out where you are by looking out the window. The orange blobs that are cities are about as recognizable as hipsters riding their bikes to Powell’s…they all look the same.

Apparently they are rebuilding the reflecting pool....not looking it's finest.

Just fist bumpin' Prez L. No big deal.


2 responses to “Fist Bumpin the Prez.

  1. Yea you made it!!! At least I think you did cause you don’t acually say.Sounds like you had GREAT time in DC. I think everyday of this trip it going to be awesome.
    I love you and keep writing cause I love that too.

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